Steel beams - Channels

Steel beams are used to increase the strength, stability and durability of structures that can be used for any building project and in any environment.

Hot rolled steel beams are manufactured with parallel inner edges. Steel beams are an economic and practical solution used in the construction of various structures, roof construction and various industries. Metal beams can withstand heavy loads and are widely used in commercial and warehouse construction, as well as in the construction of skyscrapers, sports stadiums, and large warehouses.

The structural strength of beams

The structural strength of steel beams depends on factors such as cross-sectional area and shape, size and length, material, and method of fastening.

Double metal beams

Double metal channels are one of the most important elements of the supporting structure, which is mainly used for folding.

Beam cross-section

The cross-section of metal channels is one of the most important parameters that ensure even load distribution.

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